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Josh Lozoff’s ability to entertain while teaching essential life skills is amazing! He spoke to our freshmen Focus cluster called Knowledge in the Service of Society at Duke University. We craft the speaker list carefully, and we have invited Josh to speak at the beginning of the semester for the past few years because his message is so important for our students. Josh’s presentation is on the Importance of Communication, but really what he is showing them is how to make a connection with another person. He infuses his message with so much FUN magic and so many engaging stories that his evening with us is a high point. However, Josh’s message is essential for our students. They spend the semester working in Durham’s public schools, and being able to connect with the people they meet is central to their ability to do the work we are asking of them. For this reason, we love having him help our students get off to a good start in college!

Toward the end of the semester, we asked our students to list two positive experiences during our ENITRE SESSION. When I tallied the list, Josh was at the TOP! He received the most votes of any of our speakers! I would highly recommend him to any educational group that wants students to learn about communication.

Director, Knowledge in the Service of Society Focus Cluster
Knowledge in the Service of Society
Duke University