Stage Magic

“We had more compliments on Joshua than we have ever had on an entertainer. An over-the-top professional, he was also extremely personable with our guests. His interaction with them was so genuine, and that only added to his amazing performance.”

Joshua’s stage show combines amazing illusions developed in his travels around the world, with mental feats that explore the possibilities of the human mind. His performances reflect his love for the art of magic, and his fascination with psychology, intuition and other inner workings of the mind. In one moment, he solves a Rubik’s Cube just by tossing it in the air, and in the next, he attempts to predict a volunteer’s choices even before she knows them herself! The result: A fun, mind-boggling performance that leaves audiences amazed and talking long after the show is over.

The show is highly interactive, and Joshua always makes good on his promise to treat every participant with respect, creating moments of joy and amazement that last long after the evening is over.

Because Joshua’s show is about people, not props, it plays great in venues of all size; from performing arts centers and hotel banquet rooms, down to VIP suites and private parlors. An evening spent with Joshua will truly amaze and entertain. Watch a short stage magic video here.