“I don’t think I have ever heard so many superlatives and about the entertainment at any event I’ve organized. Our guests LOVED you at our fundraiser.  “Amazing!” and “Unbelievable!” were the consensus.  Thank you so  much for your talent, professionalism and delightful energy!” - Cindy Sink, Wake Health Services

"Joshua is an amazing performer. His show was funny, personal, engaging, mesmerizing and thoroughly magical! Every show sold out, and word of mouth spread like wildfire, with the basic refrain being 'You can’t miss this show!'" - Jeri Lynn Schulke, Artistic Director, The ArtsCenter

“Joshua Lozoff was so easy to work with and really wowed our audience. His passion for what he does really comes through, and his humor is infectious. Many, many thanks for a job well done!" - Jennifer Hawkins, USA Risk Group

"You were brilliant and charming! I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but in addition to your ability to amaze, you have an incredibly likeable persona that casts a spell on the entire room. You made me look good. Could a client ask for more? " - Carin Walsh, GlaxoSmithKline

"I only wish you had a choice beyond excellent! Each year we work with dozens of artists. Joshua stands out - not only in terms of entertainment value but he's simply a great guy to work with. I could not ask for a better performer to work with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Dan Peters, Cottonwood Festival

"We have had nothing but gushing enthusiasm and converted unbelievers singing your praises since Saturday! There wasn’t a single person that wasn’t open-mouthed in absolute awe throughout the evening, and I must say that it’s neat to see the usual cynical types be so enthralled." - Debbie Kenyon, Parksite Plunkett-Webster

"Our client was thrilled with Joshua and commented that I got an "A+" for finding him. We will certainly recommend him for future business." - Whitney Stahl, Pinehurst Resort

"Josh is the coolest, hippest guy in town. He could be a backhoe operator and people would still love him." - Peter Anylan, Capital Broadcasting Company

“Joshua was a complete professional. Very prompt, polite, and super talented. It was one of the best shows we've ever seen. I highly recommend him for any event where fun, entertainment, excitment, interactive engagement, and the "unexpected" are needed. Sensational!” - Gina Streaty, Duke University